Our Projects

Our Projects

Polymathima is seeking funding to develop its patented and proven learning technology “WisdomMaps”, to help make American higher education accessible to the global market, and make it possible for international students to earn a degree from an American college without the need for an English-language capability and without the need to study in the United States, by learning online in accurate, real-time translation.

WisdomMaps organize information into multimedia-rich “mind maps” that enable the learner to see how information fits together, and to develop meaning by inter-relating that information. In so doing they foster an understanding of the unity of knowledge along with the insight, creative thinking, and solutions engendered by it. We have developed several thousand WisdomMaps that have been used since 2014 to teach history, ethics, and religion courses at colleges nationwide, with impressive, verified results.

“Polymathima: Learning Reimagined”

With our first project, we propose to develop a curriculum in a WisdomMaps format that would parallel the courses typically offered by liberal arts colleges for their B.A., B.S., and B.B.A. degree programs, and to develop our patented multilingual learning management system (MLMS), which would support and deliver those courses to international students in real-time translation. (WisdomMaps lend themselves to completely accurate and cost-effective translation, unlike texts and other materials used in other global learning platforms such as Massive Open Online Courses.) Our courses would be reviewed and certified by our affiliate colleges as being equivalent to their courses and compliant with their standards, and accepted for credit toward their degree. Once we have developed this curriculum and the MLMS, we plan to enroll students in China in our affiliate colleges in America, with those students paying full tuition to those colleges. Polymathima would use its MLMS to teach its WisdomMaps curriculum on behalf of those colleges, in real-time translation, and the students would earn their degrees from the colleges in which they enroll, without having to come to the United States to study.

Once we have completed our curriculum development, we plan to gain accreditation and operate as Polymathima University, and begin direct enrollment of international and domestic students. Ultimately, we foresee that WisdomMaps and its MLMS could help enable American higher education to accommodate the immense global demand for an American college degree, for the benefit of both global learners and American colleges.

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“Polymathima Pacific”

We believe that here in Hawai’i, WisdomMaps and its multilingual learning management system (MLMS) could enable secondary school students with limited English-language capability to engage their courses, in WisdomMaps format, in real-time translation into their own languages. This would facilitate their command of both the subject and the English language, without the language barrier impeding their own academic progress and that of other students.

As pilot courses, we propose to develop WisdomMaps courses for secondary school instruction in Hawaiian studies and social studies. We further propose to develop a companion website (HawaiiAWorldApart.org) that would aggregate all digital and digitizable resources on the history and culture of Hawai’i (including real-time translation into Hawaiian), for broader community participation. The website would provide a WisdomMaps immersion in Hawaiian history and culture in the context of Hawai’i’s local lifestyle, and would feature new thinking as to courses of constructive change for Hawai’i and its development as a nexus of the global online knowledge economy. While the Hawaiian studies course would help integrate learners into our local community, the social studies course would help integrate them into the broader American ethos.

We have developed several thousand WisdomMaps that have been used since 2014 to teach history, ethics, and religion courses at colleges and schools in Hawai’i and nationwide, with impressive, verified results. We would like to build on that experience by developing a secondary school curriculum of approximately 100 courses in WisdomMaps format, which would parallel the curriculum offered by Hawai’i high schools. Our MLMS, presently under development in a separate project, would support and deliver those courses in real-time translation (in Chinese and Korean, initially). We would then ask that the Hawai’i Department of Education certify and adopt these courses for use as learning supplements, and we would invite Hawai’i high schools and their teachers to participate (on a paid basis) in developing these courses.

We think you’ll agree that our proposal points up a future of learning with global implications and compelling local benefit, and a technology that’s home-grown here in Hawai’i. We are confident that our community would be richly rewarded by your participation and support.

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