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What awaits you within is a new way of learning, and a new way of knowing and understanding, that offers direction, relevance, and context for information: a visual way of learning premised on the inter-relatedness of all information and the unity of knowledge.

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on the History and Culture of Hawai’i

Aloha! Welcome to Hawai'i: A World Apart!

For Teachers and Colleges

We would like to offer for your consideration something we believe to be truly new: a remarkable new method for enabling your students to master that Mother of All Subjects, history. After all…

Imagine… a way out of our national malaise.

America is experiencing both the balmy breezes and buffeting headwinds of globalization. While we enjoy the cornucopia of goods from other countries, our own competitiveness in…

Just the right touch

They say that with just the right touch, applied at just the right moment and in just the right place, an entire world is transformed. Until recently, academe was seen as an impregnable ivory tower, overlooked by…

Our Take

We would like to introduce WisdomMaps® to you as the Antidote to Corporate U, a place for the rest of us—not just teachers who love to teach but learners who want to learn for the sake of learning, as…


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